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Liu Liang’s assistant said, “Boss Liu, I think Zhao Xuming would be more than happy to do this!”

“The exclusive broadcasting rights of the ICL league have already been sold. He won’t be dealing with live-stream platforms like us for the time being. What’s more, he had a lot of friction with us when he was selling the broadcasting rights of the ICL league previously. I guess he’s just watching the fire from the shore and gloating.”

“What’s more, the more popular Bunny Tail is, the more popular the ICL league would be.”

“Therefore, even though Zhao Xuming stood on Bunny Tail Live-Stream’s side and opposed all other live-stream platforms, it was nothing compared to the benefits he had obtained so far.”

“I think we’re the ones in a bad situation.”

“The ICL league is getting better and better. We have to admit this no matter how unwilling we are. Are we really going to give up on this popularity?”

Liu Liang fell silent.

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Indeed, what the assistant said made sense. Now was not the time for Zhao Xuming to beg them to buy his broadcast rights. Instead, the other live-stream platforms need the broadcast rights for the ICL league instead.

No one dared to doubt Boss Pei’s ability. Boss Pei would definitely want to promote Bunny Tail Live-Stream and ICL league as long as he wanted to. It was just a matter of time.

At first, everyone thought that Boss Pei had GPL and would no longer promote ICL. However, what happened in the past few days proved that this was a completely wrong view.

Boss Pei’s attitude was obviously: I want all of them!

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Thus, losing the popularity of the ICL league would be bad news for all major live-stream platforms.

Liu Liang pondered for a moment. “Do you think... Boss Pei would distribute the broadcasting rights for the ICL league?”

The so-called distribution was to sell the exclusive broadcasting rights in their hands to others. It depended on their own preferences on who they sold it to and how much they sold it for. Of course, they would also have live-streaming rights, but it was no longer exclusive.

The assistant looked troubled. “I think... It’s difficult!”

“Generally, they would choose to distribute the exclusive rights after they felt that they could not earn money from the exclusive broadcasting rights, or that their expenses were not proportional to the popularity of the exclusive broadcast.”

“But who is Boss Pei?”

“Boss Pei has always been generous in whatever he does. It’s fine if he doesn’t eat, but if he does, he’ll probably become the monopoly. Now, the ICL league is the only exclusive broadcasting content of Bunny Tail live-stream, and it’s still on the rise. He wouldn’t sell it now even if he wanted to sell it.”