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The president raised her fingers one by one and listed the suspects.

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「Only nine potential suspects, huh… In terms of numbers, it’s pretty narrow.」I said.

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The president nodded and proceeded with the story.

「First, let’s start with the heads of the four great powers. …To be honest, I don’t think their side leaked the information.」

「You mean, in terms of selling themselves out, huh.」

I don’t think it would be strange if any head of state decides to surrender their sovereignty to the Holy Ronelia Empire in exchange to be welcomed into the Empire.

「Until last year, that possibility wasn’t zero, but it’s not valid anymore. Because, during this year’s New Year, the leader of the Principality of Teresia and their subordinates were all killed… despite raising the white flag and offering submission.」

「Everyone was killed?」

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Normally, you wouldn’t do that to a non-resisting opponent.

No, you won’t be able to do it.

In the first place, the massacre of the “general public” who are not swordsmen is a violation of international treaties.

「Barrel Ronelia is like an extreme “secretist” and at the same time a thorough “perfectionist”. Anyone who he thinks has the slightest potential for betrayal is immediately ordered to be killed. The massacre in the Principality of Theresia was probably in fear of a coup d’etat.」

「Just in case… All of this isn’t public knowledge, so keep this confidential, okay?」

「Yes, I understand.」

A massacre occurred in one of the former Five Great Powers.

If such news was released to the public, it would cause global panic.