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“Wait a moment!”

He called out to me as I was about to cut the call.

“I do know. I used to have two of those things back at my parent’s house.”

“No way. You were making mischief like that back in middle school?”

“Don’t misunderstand. At the time I was experimenting for the sake of foreign language studies.”

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“Well then, if it turns out that I need it, is it fine for me to ask you to set it up?”

“Fufu, It has been entrusted. Someday, it might come to light that I, too, am in need of your assistance.”

He was the right person in the right place. For things where I hold no expertise, there’s always another person with detailed knowledge to fill the gap. I ended the call and turned to Kushida and Sakura.

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“Sorry, I’ve kept you both waiting.”

“You’re already finished?”

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“I’m just previewing things today. I don’t have enough points to buy any electronics anyways.”


Kushida abruptly stood still and stared at Sakura’s face.

“Sakura-san, have we ever met somewhere before?”

“Eh? N-No… Not that I can remember, but-”

“Sorry. For some reason, when I looked at you just a second ago, I vaguely felt like I had seen you someplace before. Erm, if it’s alright with you, would you mind taking off your glasses?”

“Eeeh!? T-This is a bit…! My eyesight is so bad that I can’t see anything…”

Sakura refused Kushida’s request while waving her hands from side to side in front of her.

“Hey, let’s get together sometime, Sakura-san. Not just you and me, but with other friends as well.”