How to make money online Retouching

How to make money online Retouching

After regaining his composure, Pei Qian understood that these apartments could not be as extravagantly designed and furnished as the previous ones. After all, the previous ones were huge, and few ballers in Jingzhou would be able to afford them. However, the smaller the apartment, the less sensitive tenants would be toward premiums.

Furthermore, these apartments were extremely small; limiting tenants to entire tenancies would be much less effective in dissuading people from renting.

“Let’s work according to the standard that you set earlier-twenty million yuan. Spend three hundred thousand yuan on renovating each apartment here and 150 thousand yuan on renovating each apartment in the residential-commercial building. That’s it, then.” Pei Qian emphasized once more.

Liang Qingfan: “...”

Wasn’t Liang Qingfan supposed to understand Boss Pei’s intentions better? Today was only his first attempt, and yet he was already failing so badly?

Indeed, this was a technical job that required much more practice. Liang Qingfan had thought that he already understood Boss Pei’s way of thinking. However, just as he voiced out his thoughts, Boss Pei ruthlessly slapped him across the face.

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He could not help but feel disappointed.

Yet, as Pei Qian looked into Liang Qingfan’s eyes, the former could not help but grow in appreciation.

Good. I like brothers like those who are not good at hiding their words and who say things as they are!

The other employees try to figure me out behind my back and then don’t tell me when they think they’ve figured me out. You work at understanding me right in front of me and then tell me exactly what you understood.

You’re teachable because you correct me before I have a chance to take a possible misstep!

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Pei Qian cleared his throat. “Mr. Liang, I asked you to be the person-in-charge of Sloth Apartments earlier. Have you considered it?

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“Of course, more accurately put, you would be a partner. You would enjoy the treatment of Tengda Corporation’s higher management, and you’ll be awarded a bonus each month based on your project’s initial investment and rating on TPDb.”

Liang Qingfan was moved.

A month ago, Pei Qian had already expressed his interest in recruiting Liang Qingfan. At the time, Liang Qingfan avoided giving Boss Pei a reply, in an attempt to act aloof.