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The space, the world – I was able to cut it slightly.

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「Ha, Hahaha… I knew it, I can cut it… I can cut the world!」

I laughed out loud.

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I rolled around laughing as though I had gone mad.

After that, 100 thousand years… 1 million years… I continued swinging the sword single-mindedly.

The 『Waver』trail left behind by the sword gradually and ever so slightly increasedー but it certainly had grown larger.

To the point of being able to feel the change.

That there is growth.

That I can see the end.

I was happy more than anything… and I kept swinging my sword.

And just like that, at this moment, the time was 99999999 Year 12 Month 31 Day 23 Hour 59 Minute 30 Second.

In another 30 seconds, the next loop will begin.


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I can do this.

I don’t know why, but I had that conviction.

「This is farewell, white world」

Thinking so made me feel strange.