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“Thanks to you!”

I am less likely to crash into walls. With that and the fact that my vehicle has the highest top speed, I’m catching up quickly.

Then, I picked up a power-up after seeing the evenly-matched 2nd and 3rd place, and the power-up was…


“Oh, he got a bad one! It’s the bomb wheel!”

Satoshi screamed. He mentioned the worst power-up you can get in this game. This power-up can randomly bomb a non-CPU player- with a 90%!c(MISSING)hance of hitting yourself.

Honestly, the risk far outweighs the result, that’s why it’s the worst power-ups, it’s like picking a landmine.

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Anyway, I kept the power-up in the slot and passed the 2nd and 3rd place.

I’m now in 2nd place. Then, I saw the back of Shota’s kart.

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Shota is getting nervous. It looks like he is paying too much attention to my screen, and his control slightly relaxed. I’m closing our distance with my top-speed vehicle.

“It’s not easy to tell who will win at this point…!”

Tendou-san gave us an energetic comment. It’s one straight road to the finish line.

I’m getting closer and closer. Shota tried to block me, but that just slowed him down and brought himself closer to me.

And then…

“Oh, crap! This will be dangerous, big bro!”

“I know!”

Shota responded to a worried Satoshi. Yes, if this goes on, I might get to win.”

Everyone halted their breath when it’s a few meters until the finish line.