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Huang Sibo of Fei Huang Workspace was another example.

The creative advertisements and logos in the film had been completed with the combined help of all the other departments. Although the other departments had all more or less benefited from the success of the movie, Huang Sibo still wanted to thank everyone for their support.

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On top of that, everyone warmly welcomed several new faces.

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For instance, they welcomed the three new heads of Tengda Games: Hu Xianbin, Min Jingchao, and Zhang Nan.

After taking over from Li Yada and Bao Xu, the three of them had performed exceptionally well. The mobile version of GOG became very popular, and all of their skills became widely recognized throughout the company.

A few old friends also took this chance to catch up with one another and share how work had been going.

As for Pei Qian... he did not attend the gathering. Obviously, Pei Qian had predicted how the celebration would go. If he forced himself to attend this feast, there would only be one possible outcome:

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He would have salt rubbed in his wounds!

Just the thought of being caught in an awkward situation, where all the department heads toasted him and said that they would not have succeeded if not for Boss Pei’s wise advice, made Pei Qian’s heart ache.

Thus, he decided not to turn up altogether.

As the saying went... out of sight, out of mind. There would be many opportunities to feast at Ming Yun Private Kitchen in the future. There was no need for him to have this particular meal.

All the department heads knew about this from the start, but the other core members who attended the gathering did not.

That was why many people asked questions not long after the celebration began.