U-platform playing games online

U-platform playing games online

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We both roared.


「N-No way!」

Idol-san, being outmatched in the contest of strength, was blown back greatly.

She organised her posture mid-air and landed safely on the stage.

「To lose in strength with 50 Million Volt Flying Lightning God… What extraordinary physical strength! Is it a strengthening-type soul dress…?」

Idol-san bit her lower lip and asked with a frustrated expression.

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「Ahaha… Unfortunately, I still don’t know.」

What kind of ability does my soul dress have?

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I wouldn’t know until I manifest it.

「Going further than this will put a greater burden on my body, but… I will do anything to win against you!」

Idol-san opened her eyes wide with fiery spirit burning in them and,

「Flying Lightning God – 70 Million Volts!」

Even higher voltage electric shock was carried through her body.

With her beautiful white hair standing on end, she swung her azure lance with all her strength,

「How about this! 70 million volts -〈Moby Dick〉!」

She unleashed a colossal white whale with an inflated stomach.