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Someone other than us and Bacchus-san is lurking on this isolated island – lurking in the Country of Sakura, Cherin.

(This is going to be a hassle again.)

That spine freezing bloodlust.

The movements which didn’t allow us to perceive them even in the slightest.

They are sure to be a considerably skilled swordsman.

(Is it the Black Organization? Or the Demons? Or perhaps someone else entirely…?)

I don’t know who, but they seem to be aiming for my life.

(I have to brace myself a little.)

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Needless to say, I can’t afford to die in this place.

I still have a lot of things I must accomplish.

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I want to get a job with a stable salary like becoming a Holy Knight and provide a comfortable life for my mother.

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I also want to ascertain how far this swordsmanship, which has been honed for over a billion years, can take me.

And one day in the future – I want to confess these feelings in my heart to Ria.

(In order to do that too, I must be more careful than ever.)

As I was steeling myself for that,