Will not have risks online

Will not have risks online

“Wait a minute! Sir, aren’t you interested in apples? Why don’t we change the world together with my apples? Name’s Steve Works.”

“Are you interested in our products? I’ll make it cheaper now, right? We, the Lamp brothers made a tool that can fly through the sky without using magic–“

I’ve only walked a few steps into the city, but I’ve been called at by various people.

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What’s this talk about helping with your work, asking to buy your products, or flying through the sky without magic?

“…… I don’t know how to put it…. it’s lively, but it’s a shady town…”

『Is that so? It seems to have people with very passionate eyes in the mix as well…』


I was getting tired and sighing…. It was then.


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Someone bumped into me from behind… a soft elasticity hit me……

“No, I’m sorry…”

“No, no….. eh?!”

Two watermelons!? Skirt Short!?

“I beg your pardon, sir. This Sis was just walking around in a daze with this vase and….”

“N-No, it’s, no, thing…”

Ridiculous. What is this overwhelmingly short dress!? What’s with the chest that’s likely to explode!?