Is it true if the online sweeping QR code makes money?

Is it true if the online sweeping QR code makes money?

“I’m very sorry for my rude words. Well then, goodbye.”

I lowered my head in apology, smiled, turned around, and gallantly walked away.

After walking for a short while… I fist-pumped, feeling like I had accomplished something.


This is definitely what Misumi-kun was trying to say. I spoke my true feelings, then covered it up. Honestly, this feels unexpectedly nice.

“(I’m in great condition. I didn’t start off with saying ‘no’ immediately, and instead started by speaking my true feelings and following up afterwards. This is it. This is it!)”

While letting out my breath, I pushed my bangs to the side and smiled in satisfaction. As I thought, I have a strong will. I think that’s one of my strong points. It’s probably because I’m an actor’s daughter. After all, I would always set my mind on achieving something, and I would always become that idealized image I had in mind.

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It’s the same thing this time. I decided to “start with my true feelings”, and on the very same day, I achieved my goal. My ability is amazing, even to me.

Feeling confident, I stopped my self-reform, and looked in front of me as I kept walking. Before I noticed, I had reached the downtown area.

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Since I’m here anyway, shall I visit the game shop? As I pondered over whether or not I should go…


I saw a girl with disheveled hair running in my direction. Although I was startled for a moment, as she gradually got closer, I noticed that the student was one of my classmates. Right before she was about to run past me, I called out to the panicked girl.

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She pulled a short distance past me, suddenly stopped, and turned around to look at me.