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Herself. It was all about whether or not she would be able to come to terms with herself.

There aren’t many people who can stand up and face their sins in a true sense.

However, when the time comes that someone can… they’re then able to take the next step toward the future.

This was the entire exchange held between Ichinose and I that took place before she completely opened her heart to her colleagues.

(Chapter 7 End)

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At long last, the end-of-year exam was upon us.

Each and every one of us must have made their own preparations based on the practice test for today.

Sudō, Ike, and Yamauchi all seemed to be performing satisfactorily according to Horikita’s report. It looks like she thoroughly drilled preparations for the test into them.

Miyake, Haruka, Airi, and Kei.

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I was able to raise the standards of the students around me. Hirata handled everyone else.

Since there were no reports of problematic students, the students from our class should be able to overcome this so long as they keep an eye on their health.

The footsteps that had been hurriedly chasing after me from behind finally stopped beside me.

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“Good morning, Ayanokōji-kun!”

Ichinose approached me with a beaming smile on her face.

“Good morning, Ichinose.”

“Today’s finally the end-of-year exam. Have you properly studied for it?”