Online personality testing a class of money

Online personality testing a class of money

It would be easy for any club that refused to accept the rules and regulations to withdraw. Pei Qian would pay for their GOG teams to prevent them from suffering losses. All of their investments would be covered by him.

However, it would not be as easy for them to re-join the league.

Pei Qian could not ask for anything more than to be able to spend a huge sum of money on buying those GOG teams over.

Last, Pei Qian did indeed have intentions to regulate the industry and protect the athletes’ rights.

Without proper supervision from the higher authorities, athletes would never have equal bargaining rights as the clubs. That was because they would not have the same amount of say.

This could be likened to ordinary workers and companies. Most of the time, they would only be able to vote using their bodies. They could choose to work in what seemed to be the best company, but they would not have any actual bargaining power against the company as well.

Only rare, talented, outstanding, and irreplaceable people would have such power.

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Since both parties have unequal bargaining power, the balance would inevitably tilt towards the one with a bigger say—unless the authorities would do something to maintain neutrality.

Think about a fight between a boxing king and an ordinary person. Assuming that neither party was at fault, the absence of a neutral third party regulating the fight would be akin to sending the ordinary person to his death.

Thus, Pei Qian had to step in as the regulatory authority and protect athletes’ rights objectively. Still, that did not mean that he could exploit the clubs. Instead, it only meant that he had to remind the clubs not to be insatiable and squeeze athletes dry in the process.

Transfer fees and damages that belonged to clubs should be fully paid. Clubs should also be awarded the necessary commercial contracts, popularity, and influence. The only catch was that they could not take advantage of loopholes and do whatever they pleased.

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Of course, Pei Qian could recognize the spirit of contracts. However, there would be two preconditions: First, the contracts had to be fair. They could not be slave contracts containing unfair terms, and they could not be a means of exploitation of the other party. Second, recognizing the spirit of the contract did not mean that contracts could not be violated. Instead, it meant that the consequences of breaching the contracts had to be followed through with.

In short, Pei Qian’s rules and regulations would earn DGE less in transfer fees and dissuade clubs from investing resources and capital. If clubs withdrew, Pei Qian would even be able to spend a sum of money buying their GOG teams over. Didn’t that sound perfect?

What’s more, he would have to spend money on the daily operations of the regulatory authority as well. It did not sound like a bad thing to hire more people and support them. That would allow Pei Qian to distribute more salary after all.