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Surely, it’s also difficult to move quickly while carrying delicate cargo in both hands that can’t be handled roughly.

Read the obstacles one step ahead and proceed with the shortest, safest course.

Last night, Tre’ainar taught me Magical Parkour, but I can’t take advantage of it.

『Oi, even in a rush, be more aware of the peripheral vision for Magical Parkour, and read further ahead as you would in a game of Go.』

“I’m sorry. But...... groan, hit the head!?”

『Do not let your mind wonder by simply reading two or three obstacles and avoiding them. If you avoid one, you will always need to read it until the next one, else you will crash into other obstacles such as trees!』

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“Well, that’s why I can’t do it very well because I’m holding cake!”

『Do not dynamically push forward with reckless abandon. Especially as you take the trouble to carry something delicate while moving, handle with both grace and prudence.』

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“It’s pretty difficult!”

If you hurry too fast, you’ll run into a tree. If you are too conscious of trees, you will be late. If you are considerate of the cake, you’ll be halfway there.

I can’t use my body well.

Maybe, if confirming Mr. Aka’s safety comes first, should I throw away the cake? I can always buy it again.

『I thought so last night, you can only use your body and fight on level grounds and arenas after all. The basics of ‘landing’ and ‘rolling’ necessary for parkour have not been established in the first place. Tis why even rabbits could not be caught.』

“And you’re bringing up new terms... what is that? Tell me while I run!”

To be honest, as I was not in a position to sit down and listen to the usual polite explanation, I asked him to be urgent.

『Well... the landing is called a four-point landing. Simply put, by landing with both hands and feet, tis the basic technique to disperse the impact of falling into four. Then, rolling is a technique in which impact is dispersed by rolling forward when landing. Tis known that safe landing is more essential than the way you run before learning parkour.』