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The voice of the commentator echoed throughout the venue.

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At the same time, I pulled out my sword and assumed Seigan no Kamae.

(The female swordsman who is known as『Prodigy』and『Strongest First-Year』- Idol Luxmaria-san!)

She is the perfect opponent!

As such, the fire of battle between Idol-san and I was ignited.

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Idol-san gripped a long sword in her right hand, with her center of gravity slightly to the right. Assuming a slightly unique stance.

(One-hand stance… that’s rare…)

From the viewpoint of both offence and defence, it makes more sense to hold the sword with both hands.

Firmly lower your center of gravity.

Try to keep the other party at the center of your vision.

Gently grip the sword with both hands as if wrapping it.

This is the established theory of modern swordsmanship that we learn at Swordsmanship Academy.

Her stance greatly deviated from that definite theory.

(But don’t let your guard down…)

The other party is a top-notch swordsman called『Prodigy』and『Strongest First Year』.

I’m sure that unique stance has some sort of meaning.