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Seeing that, Nagumo felt joy in his heart.

He decided then that he would definitely get Ichinose appointed to the student council.

And that he would love her as if she were his own personal property.

“One more thing, I’m aware of just how talent I possess. I’m proud to say I’m someone who would’ve normally been assigned to Class A. That’s precisely why when I applied for the student council, I confessed the full truth behind my assignment to Class B. Without holding anything back.”


“Yeah. I proved that when it comes to ability, I’m not inferior to Class A. That resulted in my current position.”

“The confession of the cause for that.....what was it for you, Nagumo-senpai?”

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At those words, Nagumo internally smirked.

“Sorry but I have no intention of answering that. Right now, the one being questioned is you, Ichinose.”


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“I’m not quite convinced yet. Normally speaking, it would’ve been strange for you to not be in Class A. Your grades are outstanding, there’s nothing wrong with your interpersonal skills. And you were once student council president. Yet why Class B? There must be some reason for that.”

Ichinose could not hide her agitation, not when Nagumo’s cunningly pointing it out.

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But this is merely something Nagumo hypothesized based on the information he obtained from Ichinose’s homeroom teacher, Hoshinomiya.

“Tell me what you think could be the reason. And if I deem you as a student worthy of Class A then I’ll take responsibility and accept you into the student council.”

“Is that… possible?”

“President Horikita’s authority is certainly absolute. But what happens to the council after Horikita-senpai graduates? If new 1st years aren’t allowed in then it would be impossible for the student council to train its successors. The one who’d be troubled by that would be the future student council president, me, right?”

“…I suppose so…”

“Someone who is unable to grab hold of this opportunity has no place in the student council.”

Ichinose had a secret she’s been harboring.