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I nearly choked. …What the hell, Keita Amano? Are you smart or dense? Seriously, can you just please pick a side? My heart can’t take it.

Keita quickly walked to the entrance after he got everything done. …Then, he bid farewell to me with a slightly perplexed smile.

“Well, Kiriya-san. Uh, …see you.”

“Okay, …I’ll see you next time, Keita.”

So, after he opened the door and left, I locked it…before sighing deeply.

“I’ll see you next time, …right?”

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…We can still play games together. Although our relationship remains unchanged, …is this really for the best? At least, for a guy in love like Keita, this is-


-When I’m lost in thought, the phone in my hands vibrated.

I unlocked the screen and checked the notifications. Then, I found out…

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“SALT0519 replied to me. …Let’s see.”

I don’t know whether she understood I was trying to say sorry, so I confirmed the message a bit nervously. She simply said that she doesn’t mind being kicked.

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I pressed my chest in relief as I scrolled the screen. After that, …I realized there’s another “P.S.” under her message. I looked at it without considering it too much…

I can’t help but gasp, and my body turned stiff as I stood still in the corridor. It’s because of what the girl wrote-

< Also, the arcade that I was talking about is the one near XXX street. >

It’s precisely the arcade near my house. Aside from that-