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The man shook his head frantically, his teeth rattling with much fear.

「I’ve clearly remember your face, yeah? So, take care when walking down the street at night.」


Fearfully, the man ran away from the spot and left the venue. The venue fell silent in that sudden situation.

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There is no doubt that he is a sharp person.

(Not a compliment, but… that was a great throw.)

It was about a hundred meters from here to that spectator seat. Moreover, it was not completely windless. Given the conditions, that was a splendid throw that shot out exactly where he aimed. Sharp hearing, superhuman visual acuity, strong arm strength, and stubbornness – just by looking at the current act, I can tell that he has the skills necessary for a swordsman at a high level.

(He is no ordinary man after all…)

The feeling of pressure when facing each other – is far beyond Ria and Rose.

And then, the live commentator advanced along the Big Five Holy Festival with a slightly louder voice in order to liven up the atmosphere.

「Uh, umm… There was a little incident there, but let’s start again! Here, I would like to start the second match of the Big Five Holy Festival!」

It’s finally going to start. I reach for the hilt of my sword while maintaining moderate tension.

「Are both parties ready!? Well then – Begin!」

At the same time as the signal to start the match, I pulled out my sword and assumed the usual stance – Seigan no Kamae.

Sid-san, on the other hand, slowly pulled out the sword at his waist in an annoyed manner. Holding it loosely with his right hand, he took no stance and just stood there.