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What game is easy to make money?

My shoulder shivered at this sentence. I tried my best to keep my cool, and Uehara-kun is still answering with a casual attitude.

“I’m not that good. I think you saw that incredible guy in the arcade yesterday, right. He’s the guy that’s entirely focused on puzzle games.”

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“Hey, Tasuku is impressive as well. Remember that time when you played Puyo Puyo with Aguri-“

As a fanatic gamer, I can’t help but eavesdrop on their conversation. …Hmph, you’re incredible at gaming, right. …You two can lie about that once you abandoned that normie life of yours-

“Tasuku actually tortured your newbie girlfriend with a 20 win streak-“

“That’s amazing! But it’s horrible at the same time!”

I can’t help but yell! Those two immediately turned around. So, I hastily dashed into the classroom next door. Although those two didn’t see me, people in the room are giving me a strange look.

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My face flared up right away. I greeted everyone and left the room within a second. Luckily, those two seem to have gone.

I can finally feel relief. However, I thought of how awkward it will be if we chased each other’s tails. So, I plopped my head down while slowly making my way towards the stairs. …What am I even doing?


Just as I lowered my head because of my weird actions, suddenly, I saw a lost student handbook at the corner of the corridor, right below the fire extinguisher.


I paused for a moment. However, since I’m always acting suspiciously, even if I try to be a hypocrite, my status in class wouldn’t increase anyway. It’s better to just let this go and brutally ignore it.

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“Okay, I got it.”

“Ah, t-thanks. I-I’ll be leaving.”

After handing the handbook to the class teacher in the office, I left with a nervous look.

(Phew, at least everything went fine…)