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I glanced at the male trio at the corner of the classroom. So, it seems that those three are looking at us too, and we made eye contact. They smiled as if they’re despising me before looking at each other and burst into laughter rudely. Also, the guy in the middle that’s putting his legs on the table while shaking his chair. He’s the core member of that group, Sakon Kaburagi.

I guess they’re in the moderate delinquent group. …No, they should count as moderate and reasonable delinquents. Although they give other people a despising look and act all mighty, they’ll never pick a fight with someone else.

Those three boys always act together and are xenophobic. So, I don’t think they pair well with Uehara-kun, even though he’s a normie. As for the weaklings in class like me, …I guess I don’t even need to explain our relationship. To them, Keita Amano is an excellent source of entertainment.

Uehara-kun looks like he’s fed up with it and continued.

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“Then, including you, and Murata’s group who was teasing you just then, there’re 6 people in the gang, right? …Although I feel like I shouldn’t say this, …it’s literally hell for you.”

“S-Stop it…”

Being together on a school trip with the classmates that especially like to pick on me, …or should I say, despise me. …My stomach’s already in pain when I’m merely thinking about it.

“…I would just not show up if I were you…”

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“I-I told you to stop saying it.”


“Moreover, if I ran away, those 5 people should laugh at me even more rudely.”

“The hell that you fell in is quite horrible. There’s nowhere to escape.”