What is the more money to sell on Taobao.com

What is the more money to sell on Taobao.com

Qiao Liang could finally swipe his cell phone in high spirits after ordering a Fish-Catching Take-Out breakfast.

He did not dare to use his cell phone previously because he was afraid that he would be exposed. There might be dramas everywhere in his circle of friends and fan groups after all. He would fall for them if he did not pay attention.

However, Qiao Liang had already read all the plots of Mission and Choice. He was not afraid that they would be exposed!

It was already early in the morning, and the fan group had already quietened down. The wave of news about the movie tickets had also been refreshed.

There were many posts discussing the plot of ‘Mission and Choice’ on various forums. However, most of these forums would label ‘spoiler content’ at the back of the posts to prevent these posts from affecting netizens who had not watched the movie.

Qiao Liang flipped through the chat records of his fan group and looked at the post discussing the plot of ‘Mission and Choice’ on the internet.

“Indeed, great minds think alike. Everyone can tell that this film is well done!”

“However, everyone’s praising the film is a little repetitive. We have to wait for professional film critics to praise it.”

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Qiao Liang scrolled through the posts online, still immersed in the aftertaste of Mission and Choice.

However, the words that netizens used to praise ‘Mission and Choice’ were still too lacking. They were all meaningless words like ‘awesome’. They would get tired of reading too much.

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It was more interesting to watch professional film critics’ professional analysis.

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That was because ‘Mission and Choice’ did not have a pre-screening. Therefore, professional film critics would not be able to watch the pre-screening. Naturally, they would not be able to write reviews in advance.

He guessed that the reputation of Mission and Choice would probably explode after noon.

By then, the audience in the daytime would have already seen the plot. Various film reviews would be released and the ratings would stabilize. ‘Mission and Choice’ would definitely usher in a new movie craze.

Qiao Liang continued scrolling through the posts on the forum and suddenly realized a problem.

“Eh, why didn’t many people mention the game?”

Forget about the film forum, most of the posts on Mission and Choice were about movies!

“Have you all watched Tengda’s new movie, ‘Mission and Choice’? It’s so good! I didn’t expect this classic domestic rubbish game to have such a day!”

“I did, but I’m even more confused after watching it. Isn’t this theme more suitable to make a game? Why did they choose to make a movie?”