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「Thank you very much.」

Chemy-san then scanned through the material at a frightening speed.

「I see, I see…『Curse of erosion』right from the start, huh… This is a tough one.」

With a difficult expression on her face, Chemy-san alternatingly looked through the materials and Guin-san.

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The curse that was put on him seems to be considerably severe.

「Well then, Allen-kun. The preparations are already perfect, so please start the treatment. I will warn you just in case. As I said earlier, this research is an endurance battle. Please keep the amount of darkness used to the bare minimum, okay?」she said, and peered into a machine which looked like a giant microscope.

「Yes, I understand. Then, excuse me, Guin-san.」

I then put my hand on his clothes.

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A dark red pattern usually emerges on the spot where the curse is cast.

I don’t really understand the logic behind it, but… If I coil the darkness around that spot, the curse can be dispelled in an instant.

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When I rolled up his clothes, I became speechless.

「T-This is…」

The whole surface was covered with dark red patterns.