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What way the online make money fastest

Everyone dispersed except for Boss Li.

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Pei Qian was in a good mood after obtaining a new money-burning tree.

The Cold-Faced Lady had already proven that it could not be supported after money was burnt. No matter how much money was invested, it would only be a waste. What’s more, this brand was already dead. It was not worth any money in any way.

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He would reopen the store and burn money steadily. He would strive to one day treat the entire country to cheap and delicious roasted cold noodles.

Suddenly, he thought of something and said to He Desheng, “Right, there’s something else.”

“The Cold-Faced Lady might have screwed up, but the suppliers who supplied the goods to the Cold-Faced Lady are innocent. Meng Chang probably won’t be able to pay them back in a year or so since he owes them a few million yuan.”

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“These suppliers are owed money for these goods. Their capital flow might be affected. This can be said to be an undeserved catastrophe.”

“What I think is that we should first pay this sum of money. That would be equivalent to transferring this debt to us. Meng Chang is now a judgment debtor. He can slowly repay us this debt.”

The current situation was that Meng Chang was the one who owed the suppliers money. He had to think of ways to return the money even if Meng Chang did not want to be beaten down. The millions in debt would be enough to keep him busy for several years. He could forget about getting the money if Meng Chang really gave up and decided to be beaten down for the rest of his life.

Pei Qian’s idea was equivalent to transferring the risk that the suppliers would not be able to get back their money to himself.

On one hand, he wanted to do this because the suppliers were indeed quite pitiful. Some small suppliers might go bankrupt if they did not get paid. Pei Qian felt that this was an undeserved catastrophe. On the other hand, Pei Qian was worried about having too much money now. He could convert some money into Meng Chang’s debt to him. That would slightly reduce the pressure on this cycle.

What’s more, the money wasn’t given to Meng Chang for free. Meng Chang would have to pay it back in the future.

He Desheng did not ask further and nodded.

Boss Li could not help but raise his thumb. “Boss Pei is so righteous! Only Boss Pei would be so kind.”

Pei Qian looked at Li Shi helplessly.