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The audience could not tell.

However, Bunny Tail Live-Stream was different. The audience had already accepted that this was real data. There was no falsification of data. Thus, the increase in the number of people was real.

30,000 yesterday and more than 60,000 today. Didn’t that mean that the attention and influence of the ICL league were gradually increasing?

Zhao Xuming could not help but feel emotional. It seemed like he had wronged Boss Pei!

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On the surface, Boss Pei’s real data seemed to make the ICL league lose face, but in fact, it was a method of suppressing one’s desires!

He released real data the entire time, making the ICL league with only thirty thousand viewers on the first day mocked by the entire internet.

However, this would also let everyone know that the data of Bunny Tail’s live-stream was real and not fake.

The next day, the actual number of viewers doubled, and it was still increasing. Didn’t this prove to the audience that the ICL league was definitely popular?

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“I see, Boss Pei is far-sighted!”

“Indeed, this is in line with Boss Pei’s usual marketing methods. It’s unique and creative!”

“We have indeed wronged Boss Pei previously. It looks like Boss Pei really wants to cooperate with us and promote the ICL league!”

“Since that’s the case, we have to do something as well. Help Bunny Tail live-stream publicize their real statistics!”

Zhao Xuming was very happy. As the saying went, it was impolite not to reciprocate.

It seemed like Boss Pei sincerely wanted to cooperate. He had done all sorts of work well, and the publicity was very good. The only small misunderstanding was the problem with the number of people in the live-stream. Now, even that has been resolved.