Jiangsu online earning artifact

Jiangsu online earning artifact

Of course, more than a hundred million yuan was not a big sum to Boss Pei.However, it was earned from GPL league after all.

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Most E-Sports competitions were still burning money to buy popularity throughout the entire world. There were very few E-Sports leagues and they were the only one able to obtain so much sponsorship and earn so much money!

Boss Pei was not surprised or excited by such a historical improvement.

It looked like Boss Pei had higher expectations for the GPL.

Yes, I have to continue working hard!

Zhang Yuan silently encouraged himself in his heart. He decided to follow Boss Pei’s example and continue to do a better job at the GPL. Then, he left.

Pei Qian felt restless after Zhang Yuan left.

He stood up and walked around the office twice.

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“No, this sum of money is too much. I’m afraid I won’t be able to spend it all.”

“We can’t spend more money on Mission and Choice. It would be troublesome if we delay the progress and affect settlement. We might have already decided on a new project for Thriller Hostel, I’ve earmarked some funds. Such a project would take a long time to begin with. I’m afraid the working period would not be guaranteed if I add more money.”

“I have to think of a way to burn money quickly without affecting settlement.”

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“Hmm... Since that’s the case, I’ll arrange for the live-stream platform!”