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Looking closely, Ferris-senpai’s Bind Psychic threads crept through the ground and restrained Deal’s legs.

「Arara, I’m in trouble…」

The moment Deal said that, a tremendous explosion swallowed him.

Translator: Skythewood

Editor: Deus ex-Machina, Ruzenor

I couldn’t really relate to an average male main character that likes a peaceful everyday life.

Even though I myself was a painfully average high schooler.

Let me use an example.

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A story that starts with a beautiful female childhood friend waking you up from bed in the morning, colliding with a tsundere transfer student as you turn at a junction on your way to school, A cool beauty female senpai who thinks highly of you at school, and an impish yet cute female junior who stays close to you for no reason. Damned innate normie main character.

[ ── Actually, I really like my plain everyday life── ]

After hearing him narrate this lazily, the only emotions that welled up within me is…


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I retorted as I exhausted all my blood and sweat. I couldn’t find any bit I could relate to.

On the other hand, there would be occasional works that were the complete opposite of the earlier description, with main characters that felt really realistic, with few beautiful girls and living a ‘plain everyday life’. But if you ask me if I could relate to them, that would be a different matter. Here’s another example…

[Dusk. The sound of the students’ idle chatter and laughter, along with the soft echo of the wind orchestra practices, were mixed with the noise of the sports club coming from the gymnasium. As usual, the school day ends plainly…]

I, Amano Keita, who was studying in the second year of high school ── really loved such a plain everyday life from the bottom of my heart.