Online part-time order making money

Online part-time order making money

“We actually only have two choices: either make a small, unproductive, light, and cheap equipment, or make an expensive, bulky, but professional equipment.”

“The former might be easy to make and sell, but it would definitely not have a good fitness effect. It would also be difficult to distinguish it from the existing equipment in the market.”

“That’s why we chose the latter. Even though it will be expensive and takes up space, we have to ensure its fitness effect as much as possible.Our reputation and fame can be built up as long as the fitness effect is good. Then, our products can be sold from the gym to ordinary households. There’s still room for profit.”

“Our product is not competing with cheap equipment such as yoga mats or abdominal wheels. Instead, we are targeting to compete with large-scale fitness equipment.

“Those who did not intend to buy would not have bought it in the first place. We don’t have to bother about people other than our target users. We just have to satisfy the customers who have urgent fitness needs and are more likely to persevere.”

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“Therefore, there are two key points to our product:

“First, how can we compete for market share from other large-scale fitness equipment?”

“Our equipment would definitely have a premium on price compared to these fitness equipment, because we added smart modules, have the game’s development costs, and carried out unique designs. The first problem we need to solve is how to make professional users accept this premium.”

“Second, after professional users accept us, how should we ‘breakthrough’ and get ordinary users without fitness habits to buy our products?”

Everyone nodded as they listened.

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Intelligent fitness drying rack was actually a professional composite fitness equipment. It would be interesting to match it with games.

Its target customers could be divided into two types: the first type was professional users with strong fitness requirements. They might have already considered buying large-scale fitness equipment, so how should they persuade them to pay more to buy the smart fitness drying rack?

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The second type would be ordinary users with certain fitness requirements, but they found it difficult to make up their minds to buy this large equipment. How to dispel their worries and make them buy this large equipment was also a very important question.