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“… Well it looks there’s no one significant among guys. They’re always in the background.”

I had no choice but to agree with that point. The girls’ perception is too harsh.

“Oh well, isn’t that great? I have doubts, however. I’ll put up with it if Hirata-kun is okay.”

It looked like I was the one chosen from Karuizawa and the girls in the end, but I wasn’t satisfied. Of course, I didn’t reveal such a thing. There would only be another dispute.

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As the talk was coming to an end, dispersement began and simultaneously with it the class’ solidarity collapsed.

“I understand what everyone wants to say, but… I disagree with suspecting a classmate without basis. There is no person in our class who would do awful things.” Said Hirata as he couldn’t stay silent about this deterioration.

“You’re too kind. Are you saying someone else stole it?”

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“I don’t know that… But, I don’t want to suspect a classmate.”

The guys as well were thinking of the culprit feeling bad about being suspected by the girls all the time.

“Hey… Maybe —— Is it Ibuki?”

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One person murmured while secretly looking at Ibuki who sat at the end of the campbase.

In that moment, a spearhead of doubt turned toward Ibuki as if a group set an eye on one prey.

“Ibuki-chan from C class, right. It wouldn’t be ridiculous if she pretends to be D class’ hindrance… Using tricks to make us look suspicious.”

“Stop with the nonsense, guys. You are without a doubt the most suspicious.”

Shinohara is very suspicious of the boys. She was keeping her distance from the boys, gesturing with her hand for them to back off.

“Until we figured out who’s the culprit, we surely can’t trust guys. Right, Karuizawa-san.”

“Right. The culprit is surely someone from the guys.”