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Even so, Chiaki and I aren’t going to sit down here. We glanced at the celestial globe at the corner of our eyes as we walked through the platform and started talking again.

“Sigh, honestly, from my stance, I also hope to explain this properly to Tendou-san as well.”

Chiaki was troubled by what I just said earlier, but she still nodded forcefully in the end.

“You’re right. If Tendou-san hates me because of that, or she’s blaming the relationship between you and me. I can only say it can’t be helped since it’s all my fault.”

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“…It’s all our fault.”

After I corrected her, Chiaki started to get embarrassed before nodding her head.

“I understand. Keita, we should explain our relationship to Tendou-san as soon as possible. I feel like that’s the only way to keep our relationship without any troubles.”

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“Yep. Indeed, we really need to quickly end this part.”

“Yeah. I feel terrible for Tendou-san if we’re hiding everything away from her.”

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“Yes. I also hope that I can maintain a relationship built on trust with the person I’m dating with.”

“Right. I also wish the person that’s important to me can keep it that way. I really hoped that.”

Chiaki smiled gently at me. My heart was filled with what she just said…It’s hard to translate this kind of emotion into words. So, right now, I can only stare at her eyes before nodding confidently.

We passed the platform and continued walking along the stairs.

Then, we only chatted about gaming until we arrived at the rest station. This situation is…Well, although we can’t say that we’re keeping it in the exact same way, even so, it’s still gratifying for us to talk about games.

So, when we arrived at the rest area, even though we’re still a bit nervous, we don’t feel uncomfortable anymore.

(Perhaps it’s because even if the ending is bitter, we still managed to say what we need to…)

Actually, in all honesty, I can never judge how Chiaki feels right now. The pain of being rejected after confessing to a close friend. I don’t think I can casually imagine it and reaching my own, arrogant conclusion. Moreover, I can never forget that I rejected Chiaki…I hurt someone that fell in love with me…Honestly, I’m still feeling a tinge of pain in my heart right now.

We hurt each other.

However, at least, there’s no further damage.