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“A complete battle strategy is very complicated. It is not as simple as a simple restraint like the one in Jungle. The key is in the details and calculation of data whether a certain battle strategy is just talk on paper or can produce miraculous effects.”

“First of all, the two heroes that we chose to play in the jungle are cold bench heroes. The previous appearance rate was very low, and many teams that are superstitious about strong heroes would not consider them. Secondly, we made a lot of early preparations around tactics, including studying the opponent’s farming route, making preparations in advance to detect the opponent’s jungler’s movements, frequently charging the health of the minions to ensure that the conditions for the tower crossing were created, and so on. Lastly, in order to make it easier for the jungler to pass the tower, we let the jungler bring a special defensive engraving, just enough to escape with low health and not be beaten into one.”

“The hero Chaos Misfortune is very weak in the early stages. He is helpless even if he is under the tower. We would definitely not choose to cross the tower if it were other heroes.”

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“More importantly, we discovered that most IOI teams do not have a deep understanding of the damage and mechanisms of the defense tower. They mistakenly thought that it would be safe to hide under the defense tower in the early stages. However, in fact, IOI’s defense tower seems to have high damage but it is not as high as we imagined. As long as we let the small soldiers take the first hit of the defense tower and use their skills to avoid the last hit of the defense tower, it would be enough to kill Chaos Misfortune...”

Wu Yue was convinced and nodded repeatedly.

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Obviously, this was the power of data!

Other teams might have also thought about how the early stages of the game would affect Chaos Misfortune’s development. However, without the support of the corresponding data, they would not have thought of directly crossing the tower.

Min Jingchao continued, “Speaking of which, this is also a tactic that GOG used before. If it was the previous version of IOI, it would be very risky to cross the tower. However, the new version of IOI increased the speed of farming after slight adjustments. GOG’s playstyle can be used.”

“I can only say that we are working well with Finger Games’ version update.”

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Pei Qian’s hand that was holding the potato chips froze in mid-air. He did not put it into his mouth.

That was because he could no longer understand the direction of the live-streaming game on television!

On the FV team’s side, their army was intact. Chaos Misfortune had been trembling under the tower the entire time. If his teammates did not come, he would die. If his teammates came, they would die together. It was a tragic sight.

CEM battleteam was obviously stunned. His teammates did not know if they should help him or not. If they did not help him, this Chaos Misfortune would definitely die. He would not be able to develop at all. If they helped him, they might also die together.

They lost the initiative bit by bit in their repeated hesitation.

On the other hand, FV Club was like a precision machine. The five players were like five parts that operated perfectly. Step by step, they controlled the field of vision, snatched the map resources, and grabbed the list. The huge advantage of the top lane quickly spread throughout the entire game.

In the end, in just 25 minutes, FV Club relied on the huge snowballing economic advantage to directly pierce through CEM and end the battle.

The first round ended easily. The score between the two teams changed to 1: 0!

The competition had temporarily come to an end, and the players of both teams returned to their resting rooms to rest. The camera panned to the members of the CEM team. Their confident and proud smiles had completely disappeared, replaced by confusion.