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If the creators wanted to update the game or fix any bugs, they would have to apply to ESRO for a new vetting process.

Besides, there was a limited number of times that one could apply for a vet monthly and they couldn’t repeat it endlessly so that ESRO’s staff would not have their time wasted.

Usually, it would be the actual version of the game that was submitted for the vetting process and there shouldn’t be fundamental issues as such!

After all, the game would be published on the official shop after it was approved so that gamers could see and purchase it.

Out of responsibility for the gamers, the creators should not be changing the contents of the game incessantly as well.

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Ruan Guangjian was thoroughly stumped.

Since it wasn’t a lowly error, it must have been intended by the creator!

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He had not thought that Ghost General would be a mobile card game with this much conscience!

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Wouldn’t they be making terrible losses then?!?!

Manager Cui’s mouth opened slightly, and he looked speechless.

‘Doesn’t sound too expensive?’

If they weren’t expensive, would these villas still be left behind after so long?!

In fact, this price was higher than many other villas in Jingzhou City. Their selling points were their design, their elaborate renovations, and the fact that they were standalone hilltop villas.

Yet, Pei Qian did not think the villas were too expensive because he had subconsciously been comparing them to the prices that he remembered in the back of his head.

He could buy such a huge villa for seven million yuan? That was really inexpensive! If he tried to buy a villa this big in Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou; it could rise to tens of millions or even over a hundred million yuan in ten years.

Moreover, Pei Qian had already confirmed with the System: he was allowed to buy this villa using System Funds! However, the villa would be considered part of the company’s assets once he bought it. He could turn this place into a restaurant, but he could not live here.

In other words, he had to legitimately use this place to run the business and use it if he would manufacture resources.

On top of that, using company funds to purchase this property meant that he would have to spend far more than if he were buying it in his own name. He would have to pay building taxes and duties, and he would not enjoy discounted loan interests. If he wanted to sell this villa later on, he would probably have to pay value-added tax, stamp duty, and other additional fees as well. Ordinary companies would find it extremely hard to sell properties like that.

However, none of this mattered to Pei Qian. The System had given him a break and allowed him to turn this villa into a restaurant using System Funds. This had already been a surprise!