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The Great Demon King, the nemesis of all mankind who in the past the races of the world came together as one and overthrew.

However, his soul was unable to pass on, and it remained in this world.

I don’t know why I was the only one who could perceive the ghost of the Great Demon King. No one else could, not even my father.

But we still met.

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―― Hoh~?… feeling rebellious are we? You want to get back at your father? Do you want to get back at the world?

And it was there a strange codependent life begins.

―― I have a grudge against your father. Therefore…… shall I grant you the power to surpass your father?

He’s a ghost, and he can’t talk to anyone but me. He can’t do anything but haunt me and stay by my side.

The Great Demon King who can communicate only with me and see only what I see offers whispers of the devil as a means to pass the time.

―― I shall guide you. I shall teach you anything, whether magic, martial arts, summoning, or wisdom. All I have is free time.

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What would have happened if I hadn’t met him back then?

There was a time when I thought of such a thing.

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I could have accepted the evaluations of those around me and lived a happy and peaceful life.

But even so, I’ll always say I’m glad to have met him.

Even though meeting him, still lead to ‘the worst day of my life’.