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She had to work hard to fit the role of the person-in-charge of Tengda and not let Boss Pei down!

After hanging up, Pei Qian calmed down and went out for an early lunch. Then, he took a car to Tengda experience shop in Golden Prosperity Square.

The big screen outside the experience shop should have been completed today according to the previous arrangements. What’s more, Golden Prosperity Square would definitely publicize this. The traffic in that area would definitely increase.

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As for what would happen after the increase...

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Pei Qian did not dare to think about it. He could only take a look.

There was slight traffic on the road which made Pei Qian feel emotional about Jingzhou’s traffic.

Fortunately, the traffic jam was not serious. Soon, Pei Qian alighted from the car at the entrance of the Great World.

Then, he saw the crowd.

They were basically shoulder to shoulder!

Many people were wearing the team uniforms of the various teams in the GPL league, holding onto support items, and even had team logos on their faces. All of them were smiling.

“Which team do you think will win the finals?”

“Of course! It’s definitely EK! Jiang Huan will definitely win the championship this time!”

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“Sigh, it’s a pity that H4 Club’s Spring Competition ended a little too badly. Otherwise, the Spring Competition would reenact the scene of the international competition. The battle between Jiang Huan and Huang Wang would definitely be very exciting.”

“What about you? Which team do you support this time?”

“Me? I don’t support any team in the finals. I’ll always support DGE!”

“Yes, no matter who wins the championship, victory will always belong to DGE!”

A few brothers in DGE’s uniforms shouted excitedly, causing a round of “DGE” cheers.

Such a situation could be seen in any GOG competition. In any case, no matter which two teams it was, someone would definitely shout for DGE.

It could only be said that even though DGE had not participated in any official or unofficial competitions for a long time, its legend still remained in the hearts of the audience.