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This question made me sat upright again as I faced Keita. So, I found out that his innocent eyes are filled with worry. A tinge of pain immediately hit my chest.

(I invited him out of my personal convenience, but I didn’t check if everything’s okay since I’m an idiot. At last, I’m even despising him for being a nuisance due to my secrets. …Who do I think I am?)

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I’m frustrated at my own small-mindedness.

I…sighed. Then, I answered Keita with a casual university student’s smile just as usual.

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“Impossible. Jeez, you’re always losing faith in yourself. I don’t think it’s good.”

“Huh? Ah, I’m sorry…”

“Keita. I want to ask, why did you think that you’re bothering me?”

“Well, …it’s, …uh, …I don’t have any reasons…”

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Keita looked down apologetically.

His face finally…forced me to make up my mind. I stood up from the chair. Then, I quickly took a seat next to him. After that, I put my legs inside the kotatsu’s blanket, not caring about our shoulders and backs touching. I even told Keita this with a smile.

“There’s no reason for me to think that you’re a bother. Here, most importantly, it’s time for you to continue playing. Alright, Jiraiya?”

“…Yes. You’re right. I got it, Tora.”

My encouragement and expression finally made Keita smile in relief as he answered. So, he started playing < Gulf Party > once again.

I looked at his face as I reaffirmed my determination.

(If that’s the case, I have to keep my gender a secret no matter what. This is already…not just for myself. It’s for Keita, …and Keita’s girlfriend as well.)

Honestly, I used to think, “whatever, he’ll found out sooner or later.” However, I’m serious from this point on. I’m okay with whatever happens to me. But, …but I can’t ruin his happiness. That’s why I have to eliminate everything that can expose the fact that I’m a girl-

“Ah, by the way, Kiriya-san. I can’t get this thing off my mind today, so I want to ask you…”

“Hmm? What is it? Hey, no need to be polite, just ask me, dude. I will never hide anything from you!”