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Not good was an understatement. He was in the running for the lowest rating of the entire school year.

Amasawa had probably already figured this out for herself thanks to the app as well.

“I see~ So basically you’re trying to find him a partner in order to prevent him from getting kicked outta here.”

Having grasped the situation, Amasawa looked over at Sudō.

“E+? Forget taking the top spot, if we’re together, we’d prolly end up placing a lil below average.”

“That’s right. There’s basically nothing in it for you.”

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At this point, I thought Amasawa would bring up the topic of private points, but that didn’t happen.

“Welp, since you’re asking, I guess I wouldn’t mind helping out.”

Compared to the three guys from earlier, this was an undoubtedly better response.

She then shifted her sights in my direction.

“What about this Senpai? Does he need a partner too?”

“His rating is a C, so he’s not as much of a priority. Though, if Sudō-kun isn’t good enough for you, I’d be grateful if you could at least partner up with him.”