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How many times had Hirata gone in and mediated like this?

It was a scene that I had already gotten used to seeing, but Sudō was just getting more and more heated and showed no signs of cooling down.

“What do you mean relax, Hirata? Course you’re gonna be fine. After all, there’s no way you’d ever end up in last place.”


Ike’s words poked Hirata in a sore spot.

It was true that Hirata had greatly contributed to the class over the past year. Generally speaking, it was no exaggeration to say that he was one of the safest students in this exam. In this exam where someone would inevitably be expelled, the words of a student who was effectively safe from danger wouldn’t be able to resonate with others.

“I… It’s not clear what’s going to happen to me.”

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Even though he denied it, his words still weren’t able to get through to Sudō.

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“You hear that, Kanji? Hirata just said he doesn’t know what’ll happen to him.”

“No no, Hirata-sama is definitely safe.”

Yamauchi and Ike exchanged bitter smiles that were filled with more astonishment than irritation.

This reaction was understandable.

Nobody here had ever considered Hirata to be a potential candidate for expulsion.