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…This feels familiar. The little girl’s wearing a goth loli dress.

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She pounced on Aguri-san’s chest after running to the entrance. After that, …Aguri-san hugged her tightly and gently patted her as she spoke softly.

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“Now, now, this is too dangerous, -Mii.”


I can’t help but repeat her name. So, that little girl, -Mii, suddenly turned to me. After that, she bulged her eyes and gasped, “Ah!”

“The princess chased after by otakus!”

“Can you not remember me in that way, Mii!?”

Indeed, she’s the lost girl we found a while ago, …Mii Fushiguro.

As for Aguri-san, she hugged Mii as she tilted her head unbelievably.

“Eh, Amanocchi, you know Mii? Why?”

It looks like Aguri-san doesn’t know about the lost child incident.