Money business with Japan

Money business with Japan

Akito didn't seem too convinced.

"That's assuming there's any meaning to the things Ryuuen thinks about".

Perhaps because of their entanglements up until now, Akito seems doubtful of that.

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"What do you think, Kiyopon?".

The question I expected to come flying at me, did come flying at me.

"Regardless of whether or not a person like that exists, that's probably the reason why they're tailing us".

After hearing all of our opinions, Haruka crossed her arms and spoke.

"So we're talking about someone who isn't Horikita-san and whose actions have gotten us through the exams so far, right? Someone like Yukimu~ perhaps? He's smart and as a matter of fact, he always tops our tests".

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"I did no such thing. I was only being swept along during the island exam and the zodiac exam".

Keisei sighs as though the topic is something pathetic.

"Then perhaps Kouenji-kun? You know how his personality is but he's top class when it comes to brains and brawns".

"No way, Haruka. His personality is just like what you said. Do you really think he's the type of person who'd make a move for the class?".

His lack of teamwork is far beyond Horikita's to the point it's almost off the charts.

"But maybe that's just faked?".

"You're saying that absurd personality of his is just a front?".

"Maybe his real personality is a calm, calculating".

Everyone shook their heads at once.