What are the online making methods for students?

What are the online making methods for students?

After much consideration, Pei Qian decided that working with others was better than working with himself.

That was because the other gaming platforms had to earn money as well. It was not in line with Pei Qian’s goal. What if this group of people recommended Tengda’s games to death? What would happen then?

As a platform, he had the final say in the pricing and event.

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Of course, the pricing was still limited by the system. The pricing on the official platform was the lowest price that the system allowed.

However, since it was their own platform and there was no need to split the money with others, the lowest price allowed by the system should also be slightly lower.

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What’s more, since it was their own platform, it was very reasonable to organize more promotional events and discounts to attract more players, right?

The bottom line of the system for discount promotional events would definitely be different between the official platform and their own platform.

Selling games at discounts on the official platform was just a “small profit but quick turnover” to the system. There were no other benefits. Naturally, there were more restrictions.

However, if he were to organize an event on his own platform, apart from making small profits and quick turnover, he could also “attract users for the platform”.

After taking this factor into consideration, discounts and even free activities could be done more frequently.

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What’s more, what if he created a platform and bypassed the official platform’s approach? He might even anger the official platform and remove Tengda’s recommendation spots on the official platform.

It was unlikely, but it would be great if it could really happen!

The more Pei Qian thought about it, the more he felt the need to create his own gaming platform.

The main reason was that his entire life was now in the hands of the official platform. They were constantly doing special questions, recommending, and increasing commission. Pei Qian did not dare to say anything even though he was angry. That was too unbearable.

Do something stupid and provoke the official platform!

What’s more, if this gaming platform operated well, perhaps he could incur losses?

Of course, lying down could also make money. That was everyone’s consensus.

However, it was up to him.

He could think of some ways to change this situation.