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Therefore, when Rui Yuchen said that Tengda’s snack market was about to open, she immediately realized that this would be excellent news!

As the saying went, food was the most important.

Clothing, food, accommodation, and daily trivialities could reflect the lifestyle of the citizens of Jingzhou. It was a question that most news viewers were concerned about.

What’s more, this snack market was near the old industrial zone. It was an outstanding project for the transformation of the old industrial zone like the Thriller Hostel. Of course, he had to introduce it!

Thus, he immediately arranged for an interview plan after reporting to his higher-ups on the television.

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After exchanging pleasantries, Rui Yuchen introduced, “This is Zhang Yahui, the person-in-charge of the snack market. Let him bring you around and introduce the situation of the snack market.”

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He lowered his voice slightly. “Also, he was originally a vendor selling cold noodles. We can dig deeper into this!”

Rui Yuchen obviously did not intend to steal the limelight and handed all of this the credit to Zhang Yahui.

Zhang Lixian’s eyes lit up after hearing Rui Yuchen’s introduction.

Was he originally a food vendor?

There were too many things to dig out!

How did an ordinary food vendor become the person-in-charge of the snack market?

Zhang Yahui was so young. He definitely could not be fighting on his own. Then, could there be a “Boss Pei’s insight” story to tell?

She felt her blood boil at the thought of having so much exciting content to dig out.

“Let’s get started then!”

Zhang Yahui did not expect a reporter from the television station to come and interview him. He was not prepared.

However, how could he drop the ball at such a critical moment?