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I was told that the programming of『No. 2』and『No. 3』are the same, so there will be no discrepancy in the measurement results.

After that, the broadcast sounded again once the measurement of all the first-years had been completed.

「-Now, then, let’s go to the second event – 『long-range attack』! Everyone will shoot a long-range attack towards the measuring instrument placed 30 meters away! The higher the power, the higher the number of points displayed on the lcd at the top of the measuring instrument. So please unleash your best attack!」

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At the end of the broadcast, the physical education committee member measured the distance and drew a white line 30 meters away from the measuring instrument.

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「…Long range attack? I’m not that good at it. Well whatever…」

Sid-san stood on the white line, scratching his head.

「Eat this – Freeze Lance!」

When he swung down 〈Vanargand〉 – a huge ice lance hovering in mid-air, hit the center of the measuring instrument.

「And the results are – 83 points! Considering that long-range attacks are less likely to score high compared to short-range attacks, this is a pretty high score!」

It looks a little modest compared to the 90 points we saw earlier, but… this is a long-range attack event, after all. As the broadcast club said, 83 points is not bad by any means.

「Tch, not good…」

Sid-san didn’t seem satisfied with the score, as he clicked his tongue loudly.

「I’ll go next.」

Idol-san, who had just lost by a narrow margin in the previous event, stood on the white line with a calm fighting spirit.

Due to the Flying Thunder God being active, high voltage current was coursing through her body. And she raised one lance over her head. The next moment, a huge lightning fell on the tip of the lance from the cloudless blue sky.

(This is…!)

It was the ultimate attack that she unleashed at the Sword King Festival.

「100 Million Volts -〈Emperata Glome〉!」

The deafening spiral lightning strike accurately punched through the measuring instrument.