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However, the snack market was only so big. The number of customers each stall could accommodate was limited.

There were only so many customers in Jingzhou. If foreign customers wanted to come, they had to pay for bus tickets, air tickets, accommodation, and other costs. Even if the price of snacks was lowered, it would not attract customers.

What’s more, the volume in everyone’s stomach was limited. How much could they eat if they ate freely?

Therefore, as long as the price was lowered enough, this snack market would definitely not make much money!

Pei Qian looked around. There were all sorts of snacks here. There were all sorts across the country.

It would be unrealistic to price them one by one. There was no need.

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What Pei Qian had to do now was to find an anchor point, and then ask all the delicacies to be reduced according to this anchor point.

Which snack should he choose?

Roasted cold noodles!

Speaking of which, the cold noodles were the source and beginning of all of this.

If Meng Chang had not started the Cold-Faced Lady project, he would not have organized a Street Food Contest in Beijing. Without the Street Food Contest, there would not be a lot of things like selecting vendors, filming documentaries, and setting up a food market.

Coincidentally, Zhang Yahui, the person-in-charge, was best at roasted cold noodles. Everything happened so coincidentally.

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Pei Qian asked, “How much does the roasted cold noodles in the snack market cost?”

Zhang Yahui was stunned. He did not expect Boss Pei to ask such a seemingly unrelated question.

However, he immediately answered, “The prices of different stalls are slightly different. However, overall, it is about 10 yuan.”

That was not expensive.