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「As expected Allen! That was amazing!」

「It’s all thanks to Ria’s coordination.」

「As expected of Allen-sama! Astounding receive! This Cain, is so deeply impressed, that I can’t even take a step forward!」

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「Eh, ah, th-thanks…」

「Whose team are you on, shitty glasses!」


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And while we were clamouring about,

「Fufu, my students are better this year… yeah, Ferris?」

「Kuh… we’re going to the next one!『Beach Flag』!」

Immediately the start of the next game was announced.

Beach Flag – A classic sport that competes for a single flag that is placed only 20 meters away.

The contestants face their backs against the flag and lie face down, and stand up with the whistle – and start running towards the flag.

The rules are very simple – first person to get the flag, wins

From Thousand Blade Academy, I, Rose, and the president participated.

「The start of Beach Flag is most crucial…」

「I’m confident in my explosive power!」