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『Hmm? Oi, child ... from the sky ...』


The sky. Tre’ainar told me to look up.

“Late, late, wh, kyaaa!”

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A girl’s voice from the sky. Looking up I saw... the sunset?

Wow! I don’t know why a girl fell from the sky, but... anyway, it’s dangerous, so let’s avoid it.


“...... Huh?”

“Ah, my bread!?”

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Somehow, a girl who flew in the sky with a broom appeared while holding bread in her mouth, which fell straight down.

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Late? Are you just arriving at the school?

When does this person come to school with a piece of bread in her mouth while brushing her teeth? What a vulgar fellow.

“...... Kya, my skirt!? ...... Hey, did you see it? No, no!”

And, she got angry for some reason. She fell, and the legs were spread wide open, revealing what should be hidden... orange of the sun at sunset.... no, it’s morning now...

Well, it’s obviously an accidental pantsu, right?

And I didn’t use a Canonicon!

“You... Shame on you! Die!”


Eh? Now...... am I really in the wrong?