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“Okay, I resolved the problem of the bath and the drinking water”

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With shining and flaming eyes, Ike advocated to economize on points.

“Huh? With things like drinking water from the river? Are you crazy?”

Apparently, Ike intended to use the river’s water both as a natural bath and drinking water. Meanwhile, Shinohara and the girls seemed to not to having such idea and they glanced at the river both disgusted and appalled.

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“Well, it looks nice for swimming……but to drink…mmm”

“What’s the matter, it’s completely fine. It’s pure and clean water”

“Yeah, that’s……it seems it can certainly be drunk but….”

Shinohara pulled Hirata’s sleeve after seeing how Ike didn’t stop appealing for saving points in every way.

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“Hey, Hirata-kun… it really okay? It is not normal to drink water from the river”

Several girls gathered and they came to talk to Hirata uneasily, asking for advice. Watching the gently flowing river waters, the girls protested shaking their heads left and right and saying it was impossible.

“I don’t think I could drink that….”

Ike, who was looking surreptitiously at the consultation going on, opened his mouth already growing irritated.

“Is that so? The water is really clean and transparent and it looks like natural water”

Although it wasn’t turbid or muddy, not only all the girls but also part of the boys remained on the sidelines and watched some parts of the river.

“What’s going on, everyone. What’s your beef? There’s no reason we shouldn’t make use of the available water we found with so much trouble”

“Well then we should try to drink it as an experiment”

“Haha….whatever, I don’t care….”

Ike scooped up the river water with his hands and drank it. Part of the girls were urged to do it forcibly too.

“Aaahhkk….It’s ice-cold and I’m chilled to the bone but it’s good! Damn good!”