When will I make money online will be delayed?

When will I make money online will be delayed?

All the early preparations were going smoothly now that the competition schedule was basically set. Chen Yufeng felt that it was about time to start publicity.

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Tomorrow was Thursday it was GOG’s turn. They could use this opportunity to promote DGE Team’s reunion as a gimmick to build momentum in advance.

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However, Chen Yufeng had not thought about how to publicize it.

The key was the detailed rules and details of this BP verification competition. Should he announce it in advance?

It would be better to announce the rules in advance in order to generate more popularity.

However, after careful consideration, Chen Yufeng felt that it was not appropriate to announce the rules in advance. He had to give the audience a surprise.

Bunny Tail Live-Stream’s current situation was rather awkward. Previously, the ‘mandatory one hour’ function had been badly criticized. It might not be able to salvage its reputation now, no matter what kind of event it was. Instead, it might continue to be criticized.

The reviews of Bunny Tail live-stream would only be able to change if the audience really saw the competition and found it interesting.

However, the audience would feel less surprised if they disclosed the competition schedule in advance.

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Therefore, Chen Yufeng summarized the publicity experience of Tengda’s various departments and decided on the marketing strategy for this “BP verification competition”.

They emphasized on “DGE Team Reunion” during the publicity. They did not elaborate on the specific rules and details of the competition. They only highlighted that the competition would use a “special mode” and emphasized that there was a clear difference between it and the actual competition between GPL and ICL while the audience could expect a high level competition.

That way, they would probably still be scolded in the early stages. However, the audience would definitely be pleasantly surprised the moment the competition officially began and the rules were revealed. All the unhappiness from before would be swept away!

Chen Yufeng quickly finalized the publicity details for this “BP verification competition”. Then, he arranged for his subordinates to spend all the resources of Bunny Tail Live-Stream on this competition. He also bought some online advertisements for publicity.

It might not be enough to promote the game a day in advance, but the competition was a long-term program. Its popularity would continue to rise during the competition.

The key was still to see if the “BP verification competition” would be able to achieve a stunning effect tomorrow!

April 26th, Thursday...