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“If you’re saying it’s a lie, then are you saying that everything that’s been put online was also a lie? That we’ve all just been running our mouths?”

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While watching Shinohara and Yamauchi’s argument unfold, I confirmed my thoughts with Horikita.

“Hmm… I suppose we have no other choice than to check with each of the victims one by one like Yamauchi.”

Though, most people aren’t able to pry into someone’s trauma like that.

“Are you stupid!? You’re getting swept away by rumors and you don’t even know where they came from!”

Shinohara’s anger toward Yamauchi was by no means unreasonable.

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It was surprising that she was able to stay calm like this.

“Though~ Don’t you think that all of the stuff posted online seems pretty realistic?”

“You… Knock it off, Haruki!”

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In response to his friend’s merciless hounding, Ike reached out and forcefully grabbed Yamauchi by the shoulder to signal that it was time to stop.

“Wh-what’s wrong? This is my chance to get back at Shinohara for always acting so high and mighty.”

“Getting back at her…? No matter what, those rumors have to be lies!”

“How are we supposed to know that? A relatively ugly chick like her could’ve totally done something like that.”

Yamauchi continued to talk mindlessly, without a shred of concern for Ike’s feelings on the matter.