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“Alright, alright! Well, the chitchatting’s over! It’s time for the Hobby Club to start! Ay, even though I’m totally not interested in gaming!”

When they saw Aguri’s look, …even Tendou and Hoshinomori smiled warmly, not to mention Amano. …It looks like the two girls also subtly noticed Aguri’s situation. That’s why they explicitly allowed Amano and I, …no, allowed me to deal with it.

I decided to express my gratitude for everyone and announced the topic that the Hobby Club will discuss today.

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“Ahem. So, at this moment where all of our relationships are in ruins, I, Tasuku Uehara, wanted to discuss something that can temporarily heal us…”

“Say it, say it.”

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Everyone’s waiting for me with a hopeful look. Now’s the time…to tell them!

“What will you guys do at Christmas?”


It’s a one-hit KO. Everyone aside from me plopped their heads down deflatedly, and the colors of life entirely disappeared from their existence. If this was an anime, this scene would be painted in grey.

I scratched my cheeks and observed everyone's reaction. …Then, I spoke up quietly.

“Are we…not supposed to talk about this?”

“Of course!”

Everyone (single) immediately raised their head and protested to me.

Amano was the first to yell at me with tears in his eyes.