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The downloadable content of ‘Ocean Stronghold’ was to warm up the new game. It was an introduction, and these questions would make players continue discussing and maintaining its popularity.

They could only wait for the plot of ‘Destiny and Choice’ to be revealed if they wanted to know the answers to these questions.

Wang Xiaobin suppressed his curiosity and immediately began preparations for the development.

October 14th, Friday...

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At Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s Handong University branch...

Qiu Hong wanted to return to tidy up his own business before returning to officially join Tengda Corporation as the person-in-charge of the Destitution Plan.

After taking a photograph with two passionate fans, Pei Qian sipped his coffee and thought about his plan for the future.

This cycle was going to be relatively shorter. That meant incurring losses would be slightly easier than before.

It was not because Pei Qian had become an expert at it but because he had very shrewdly plugged the gaps in the System.

The System allowed for him to leave one project incomplete every cycle. Pei Qian very cleverly split Mission and Choice into two parts: the game itself and the CG movie based on its storyline. The parts were split between Tengda Games and Fei Huang Workspace respectively.

That way, the two departments that generated the most profits were dealt with at once. One would spend two hundred million yuan while the other would spend three hundred million yuan. That was enough to delay the project until the next settlement.

Thus, Pei Qian’s primary source of stress was not this cycle, but the next.

Still, that meant that the pressure he would face in the next cycle would rapidly increase, and so he had to start planning for the next cycle now.