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We can’t afford to slowly look for the spot.

「Second. To exit out of the front entrance on the first floor, but… I have to say that this is also difficult. At the main entrance, there is a castle post which manages the members who enter and exit. If six unfamiliar faces try to exit at the same time, it would certainly raise suspicions. Even if one person exits at a time, if one of you is found out, the entire plan will fall apart.」


Escape from Belios Castle seems to be a major challenge.

「The last one. To escape from the roof. This is the most realistic and safest method.」Zack said, hitting the rooftop part of the sketch.

「The higher you go up in Belios Castle, the less guarded it is. There is no post built there to manage exit and entering, and nobody even goes there just for the fun of it. You guys are swordsmen who managed to sneak into the Holy Ronelia Empire. You aren’t fragile enough to break from jumping off the 20th floor, right?」

「Aa, of course.」

I have darkness, and Ria and Rose have the ability to strengthen their body.

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Lilim-senpai’s ability is making detonated clay, so it may be a little tough, but she can make do with Ferris-senpai’s manipulation-type ability.

Sebas-san is the only one whom I’m not sure of, but… well, he should be alright even in his base form.

When I was thinking about that,

「… But isn’t that a little dangerous?」

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「Yeah, as Ria says. Emperor Barrel Ronelia should be at the top floor, right?」